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Kingsley Omorefe Iyamu  more commonly called “Efe Iyamu” is a Nigeria -Canadian Artist . A graduate of the prestigious Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State where he studied Art Education . To his credit of laurel an award winning in painting/sculpture with an upper credit in graphics. study program at Humber College, Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning. School of Media Studies & Information Technology- Graphic Design for Print & Web (GDPW/WDDM) .  A philosophical and adventurous pal with high imaginative power that infuses and bonds mediums, tradition and culture into visual oneness and forms, a multi-talented or call him a do it all guy, in the field of Fine/ Applied Art. Find in his creative ability the ennoblement to do among so many- designing and building of water fountains, designing and building of metal gates (complex, simple and different dimensions). He has also created an altogether a unique style which infuses African and western cultures in a marriage that blissfully creates an expression rarely found in today’s Art.

His high imaginative power in painting and graphics designs is rated among the best in his field of Art. Today, it is a difficult decision to make or answer when faced with such constant question as what do you do, most especially in this days of specialization. A Painter, Sculptor, or Graphics Designer?

Believing in confidence, faith and determination, Efe manages an Art Venture under the name of Efe Iyamu Media Solutions, growing with strength by the day and undergoing experiments and new discoveries.

I am that person whom I am yet to attain from birth, with given Talents; I have been that person that keeps growing to today’s changes which is only constant, till that time when that person will naturally blossom into that person which I have always been from creation. In this race of perfection there is no FINISH LINE

I tailor my works of art to reflect or reveal the mental well-being, state of mind (joy, pain of the human race and immediate environment). I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody, this approach I have applied in my act of Arts. To have kept away from major or solo exhibition in the past was to enable me forge my own style that would not be influenced.

A Short Painting Title “Who The Crown Fits”


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